A combination of two effective techniques.  Cupping massage is a deep tissue massage used to stimulate the area, bring blood flow to muscles and drain excess fluids and toxins, activates the lymphatic system, clears the arteries, veins and improve varicose veins.

The honey helps draw out toxins from the body and is naturally healing, nourishing and moisturising which leave the skin feeling beautifully smooth.


BAMBOO MASSAGE | 60mins | £45.00
This is a unique massage involves using natural bamboo canes of various sizes to knead and roll out knots and relax tense muscles. Bamboo allows for a deeper application of pressure. Helps improve conditions including: arthritis, heavy or aching legs, neck, back, shoulder pain, tendonitis and migraines to name a few.

Back, Neck and Shoulders | £30.00


HOPI EAR CANDLE | 30mins | £20.00
Thermo auricular therapy is a safe, natural alternative to ear syringing. Used for sinusitis, chronic headaches, migraines, cold, flu and stress. This calming and soothing, treatment also includes a face massage.

FULL BODY MASSAGE | 1hour 30 | £45.00
A wonderful tranquil experience, enabling physical stimulation of the circulation & providing deep relaxation of the whole body.

BACK MASSAGE | 40 mins | £30.00

REIKI | £25.00
Reiki is a gentle therapy that activates the body’s healing ability. Experience a sense of relaxation and well being to regain harmony and balance, De-stress and achieve mental and emotional calm.


REFLEXOLOGY | 60 mins | £30.00
Stimulation of the pressure points in the feet, which relate to different parts of the body, this relaxing treatment brings about complete body balance and relaxation.


This is a luxury heated massage using Thai Compresses, or as I like to say heated mushrooms. The mushrooms are heated up and then a specially designed massage is performed, the heat is fantastic for muscles, aches and pains. Afterwards you get to take the balls home and can reuse them or use them in your bath as a herbal infused soak.

Full Body | £50.00
Back, neck and shoulder | £35.00


60mins | £45.00

This is a very relaxing form of massage that differs from other types of massage in that it is carried out with the client lying face up on two cushions that are filled with warm water, heated to between 30-40 degrees.

This ensures the whole of the client’s back is in contact with the heat and is ideal for those who find lying face down uncomfortable

Back, Neck and Shoulders | £30.00


1 hour | £40.00

HYDROTHERM is suit able for all stages of pregnancy especially the later stages, it is very calming, relaxing and comfortable


For ultimate relaxation. The lifestyle treatment to soothe the body, mind and soul. Hot stones are used in this luxurious spa massage to create a balancing, meditative experience. Works on the body chakras to rebalance energy and ease tension promoting a sense of well being and calm.

Full body | 75 mins | £45.00

Full body with crystal healing | 90 mins | £50.00

Back, neck and Shoulders | 30 mins | £30.00

THAI FOOT MASSAGE | 40 mins | £30.00
A therapeutic massage of the feet, legs and hands, relieves stress and promotes relaxation and good health and well-being.

INDIAN HEAD MASSAGE | 45 mins | £30.00
A relaxing Ayurvedic healing massage to include upper back, shoulders, scalp and face. Total relaxation to ease aching muscles, alleviate stress and headaches.